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"Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen"

An old saying is: good things come to those who wait. This is also the case with the dough from that "Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen" are traditionally made. "Pfefferkuchen"? What? You don't know "Pfefferkuchen"? Maybe you more know "Lebkuchen" or gingerbread? The term "Pfefferkuchen" carries the word pepper in its root. In the past, "Pfeffern" was a collective term for exotic spices that were particularly precious and contained active ingredients. Therefore, these have always been an essential component of the  gingerbread and justify its use in case of illness and during lent. However, pepper as we know it today is not contained in the "Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen".

a long tradition

The history of "Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen" and its bakery has a long tradition in Saxony. The first documentary mention of "Pfefferkuchen" bakers dates back to 1654. At that time, it was not uncommon for journeymen bakers to travel to other regions and countries. This was also the case with Tobias Thomas, a baker who brought new recipes and ideas from his journey to Poland to his hometown of Pulsnitz- a new era was ushered in. New ingredients and improved processes significantly increased the quality of the Pfefferkuchen. In the years that followed, the "Pfefferkuchen" bakers became more and more detached from bread baking. The typical gingerbread bakeries, which exclusively produce gingerbread, became established. In 1919 an independent guild of "Pfefferkuchen" bakers was founded. It took until 1998 for "Pfefferkuchen" bakers to be confirmed as a separate, regionally typical craft in the craft code. Traditionally, the Pfefferkuchen bakeries in the town of Pulsnitz, which have been preserved to this day, guards their recipes like a treasure until today. It is not uncommon that the storage and fermentation time of the dough to be kept under lock and key until they would be handed out to the heirs. So much secrecy for the Christmas season!

Christmas scent

If you can't resist tradition and temptation, why not visit the "Pulsnitz Pfefferkuchen" market? It always takes place on the 1st weekend in November and offers everything your heart desires. And if the Advent season is too short for you, you have the opportunity to marvel at "Pfefferkuchen" all year round in the "Pfefferkuchen" museum and taste it in the exhibition workshop. And if someone asks you why you are standing at the "Pfefferkuchen" plate again, just say: "In the past, as today, "Pfefferkuchen" helps to keep up one's strength or to gain strength!
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