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And successful since then.

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As an internationally recognized and certified system provider miunske supplies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of the commercial vehicle industry all over the world.

Our three divisions “developing and manufacturing”, “trading and consulting” as well as “commissioning and stock-keeping” are the basis for our wide range of products and services.

We deliver the right part - to the right place - at the right time. That is our central promise!

According to the principle “miunske. sums it up!” we guarantee to keep our core competences in focus for our customers.

In Saxony Oberlausitz John J. Miunske 1996, a single company, which has been operational since 2014 in the second generation family owned. At the company headquarters in Großpostwitz emerged in recent years, many new buildings. In addition to administrative buildings and employees are meeting on the premises including the manufacturing and logistics center and its own development. They thus form the three business pillars "Develop & Customize", "action & Consulting" and "picking & stock hold" from. A central promise of miunske is to deliver the right part at the right time to the right place. Using Kanban supports miunske its customers to design production processes in detail efficiently. With the motto "miunske. Always on point." promises miunske its customers, always keeping the core competencies in focus.

Company History

  • Foundation of the company by Johannes Miunske in the private garage

    Johannes Miunske always dreamed of his own company. As electronics engineer he was responsible for the electronical draft of the combine harvester E524 of the company ‘MDW Singwitz’ in the 1980s. Already at this time, they told him that his ideas were ahead of the times.

    After the political change in 1989 he took his chance and started his own company. The core competences of his company were in the trade with articles of vehicle electrics and the processing of those parts. The company grew and the Miunske couple put all their eggs into one basket. Monika Miunske gave up her job as office head of a law office to support her husband with all her strength.


  • Miunske got the trade-mark right and began to develop electrical components

    Johannes Miunske was a tinkerer. His brilliant ideas mainly pushed his own product development. Because of his slogan “different and better than everybody else”, his product developments are characterized by more than one USP (unique selling propositions). For that reason he early applied for the trade-mark right for the label FTM that stood for the company ‘Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske’.

  • Relocation of the company headquarters to the current location in ‘Großpostwitz’

    Despite the extension measures at the garage the available space was not enough any longer. Therefore, Johannes Miunske was searching for a new headquarters location with forward-looking expansion options. He found it in ‘Großpostwitz’ near Bautzen. After thorough reconstruction and modernisation measures, the ‘Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske’ moved to the much larger building with 7 employees. On the one hand, there was more place to store the growing assortment and on the other hand, there was more capacity for additional offices and new employees to service the growing number of customers.

  • Start of the assembly production according to individual customer requirements

    As provider of solutions, miunske developed and produced increasingly the assembly production according to customer requirements in addition to the product assortment. Products are for example the power distribution system or the seat switch control unit. The growing production needed more space. For that reason miunske bought a neighbouring property with an additional production hall.

  • The first exhibition at BAUMA in Munich

    Up to 2004 Johannes Miunske had canvassed customers in behalf of the companies he worked for at important exhibitions like ‘BAUMA’, ‘IAA’, ‘Automechanica’ and ‘Agritechnika’. In 2004 the time was ripe for a change and an own exhibition stand. The first exhibition was a special moment for miunske that finally led to a growing number of customers.

  • Expansion of the electronics laboratory and establishment of additional testing workplaces in the production

    Because of the growing automatization standards in commercial vehicles and work machines the demand for electronical components increased. Products like the universal flasher are the development result for the increased use of LEDs in combination with conventional light sources. Such product developments posed new specifications of measuring and testing technology.

  • Building of production- and logistics center

    6 years after the removal of miunske´s headquarters to Großpostwitz there was again not enough storage space. Miunske was prepared. Directly opposite the headquarters a new production and logistics center was built that offered more effective stocking and additional production possibilities.

  • Start of developing CAN Communication Systems

    As specialist in vehicle electronics the idea of developing CAN products came up quickly. As a result miunske presented his own 'Cockpit System' at ' Automechanica' in 2008 for the first time. This system clearly showed the network of small pluggable modules and CAN Control and Display Units in the vehicle.

  • Ground breaking ceremony for the new building to extend the production- and logistics center

    In addition to its broad product portfolio, miunske is a sought-after partner for logistcs services. Customers appreciated the possibility of storing products and in consequence the short delivery time. Because of the permanent growing of the company an extension of the production and logistics center was necessary. During the construction work a photovoltaic system was implemented on the new building. This energy-system covers the total power demand of the company and contributes to the protection and preservation of the environment.

  • Miunske got honored with the prize ´Preis des deutschen Mittelstandes´

    With this award from the ´Oskar Patzelt Stiftung´the company and the work of Johannes J. Miunske was honored in front of representatives of the German medium-sized companies. He himself thought about the future. At that time Johannes Miunske already had his eyes set firmly on the company succession. Still in the same year he handed over the management of the company to his both daughters Katrin M. Miunske and Jana Kirstein.

  • formal opening of the training- and social building

    Even after the generation change everyone worked on the company success. A new social building for all employees was opened to come together, for training courses and to celebrate together. Not least for that reason and the various possibilities to find a work-life balance the company was honored with the label ‘Familienfreundlicher Arbeitgeber’. Besides miunske got further awards like the ‘Oberlausitzer Unternehmerpreis’ and the winner of the ‘Comeback des Jahres’- an initiative to bring emigrated specialists back to Saxony.

  • Modernisation measures to improve the resources in the administration building

    Customer service is still in the center of interest at miunske. The technical sales department moved into an open-plan office. In addition to a meeting area for the daily briefing there is also enough capacity that offers room for growth and more service.

    Miunske was awarded as one of the 5 top companies in the competition ‘Sachsens Unternehmer des Jahres’.

  • Miunske celebrated his 20th anniversary of the company

    20 years filled with new challenges, success and the belief in the success of his ideas. A reason to honor the lifework of Johannes J. Miunske. The miunske team thanked customers, suppliers, business partners, companions and friends for the shared time and celebrated the event in the festively decorated ‘Krone Saal in Bautzen’. With the retirement of Johannes J. Miunske, Katrin M. Miunske became Managing Director. Besides Jana Kirstein, Rene Miunske and Stephan M. Kirstein are authorized signatories.

  • The company operates as miunske GmbH with new brand image.

    Miunske developed strongly. Under this aspect the branding image was refreshed to lay the foundation for sustainable growth. The miunske vision: ‘in every commercial and working vehicle is a part of miunske’, is the declared aim that stands in the focus of attention for the next years.

    With the brand promises: “We offer OEMs electronical systems and solutions from one hand. Ready to install. The right part. On the right place. At the right time. miunske sums it up!” the miunske GmbH will continue to be a competent and reliable partner in vehicle electronics.

  • Foundation of the miunske solution GmbH

    miunske® focusses the engineering competences to effectively advance product innovations for topics in future e.g. the electrification of the powertrain. The miunske solution GmbH offers hard- and software engineering of electronic vehicle components for commercial vehicles and mobile working machines, construction and prototyping as well as project management and support.

  • Fully automated PCB production

    miunske ® launched ist new modern SMT-production line in August 2019. The company takes a big step towards the future by fully automating the production of ist printed circuit boards in addition to its existing THT assembly process. The facilities enable the production of printed circuit boards for commercial vehicles in a much more compact and customized process even in smaller series and with excellent value for money.

  • 25th anniversary

    25 years of company history - a quarter of a century. A reason to be proud. Of what has been achieved, what has been overcome, of customer projects, new developments and growth. A successful, market-renowned company has developed from a solid foundation. Major topics, such as drive technologies of the future, climate neutrality, delivery capability, material procurement and stocking, influence the market and the company in all areas. Well positioned and with forward-looking product and project ideas, miunske® is doing everything it can to achieve the company's own vision with its strong team.

Our philosophy

Our vision

Miunske is found in every utility vehicle and in every machine.

The team makes all the difference.

Miunske´s principles for a firmly rooted corporate culture:


We shape the future together.
We are a strong community with a shared vision. Our corporate values are characterised by open communication and constructive feedback, mutual appreciation and a strong team spirit.


We deal responsibly with every resource.
Motivated staff with professional expertise are the key to our success. That is why we rely on an even work-life balance, plenty of freedom to be creative, and a health-promoting working environment. Using natural resources carefully and sparingly is important to us if we are to live up to our aspiration to sustainability.


We build upon stability and independence.
We maintain our company's entrepreneurial autonomy, combined with its economic stability, by means of healthy, sustainable growth. We see ourselves as bearing social responsibility and work in line with regulations.


We put our faith in trusting partnerships.
Openness and honesty are the basis for our trust in our staff and business partners. We live up to our promises and are a reliable partner. The customer is always the central focus of our work.


We come up with the quality our customers value.
At our company, developing and supplying high-quality products is standard. We see errors as a learning opportunity and a spur to live up to our quality standards by continuously improving every one of our business processes. We view miunske as a brand and aspire to impressing our customers with excellent quality.


We face the challenges.
We respond to the great dynamism and rising complexity of our markets with stamina and determination. We react fast and flexibly to our customers' demands. We offer innovative solutions with a high degree of expertise, think ahead and are prepared to take new paths.

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