miunske is the brand that provides the market with an exclamation point.

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Our philosophy

Our vision

miunske is found in every utility vehicle and in every machine.

Our mission

We provide manufacturers of utility vehicles and machines with electronic system solutions from a single source. Ready for installation wherever and whenever they are required, they hit the spot.

Our values

Our philosophy


We shape the future together.
We are a strong community with a shared vision. Our corporate values are characterised by open communication and constructive feedback, mutual appreciation and a strong team spirit.


We deal responsibly with every resource.
Motivated staff with professional expertise are the key to our success. That is why we rely on an even work-life balance, plenty of freedom to be creative, and a health-promoting working environment. Using natural resources carefully and sparingly is important to us if we are to live up to our aspiration to sustainability.


We build upon stability and independence.
We maintain our company's entrepreneurial autonomy, combined with its economic stability, by means of healthy, sustainable growth. We see ourselves as bearing social responsibility and work in line with regulations.


We put our faith in trusting partnerships.
Openness and honesty are the basis for our trust in our staff and business partners. We live up to our promises and are a reliable partner. The customer is always the central focus of our work.


We come up with the quality our customers value.
At our company, developing and supplying high-quality products is standard. We see errors as a learning opportunity and a spur to live up to our quality standards by continuously improving every one of our business processes. We view miunske as a brand and aspire to impressing our customers with excellent quality.


We face the challenges.
We respond to the great dynamism and rising complexity of our markets with stamina and determination. We react fast and flexibly to our customers' demands. We offer innovative solutions with a high degree of expertise, think ahead and are prepared to take new paths.