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power distribution units: standard and customized solutions

Our employees are well aware of the challenges posed by efficient power distribution in commercial vehicles. Through intensive cooperation with our customers and many years of experience in the implementation of such projects, we have acquired a high level of expertise in this subject. This makes us aware of the importance of intensive technical advice on customer-specific implementation options. Our stream on the subject of central electrics is intended to give you an insight into the subject and to encourage you to enter into more in-depth discussions with us. Please also use our information on the topic of central elctrics or visit our product catalogue. Regardless of which solution meets your needs or which you have developed with us in a field service discussion, we will provide you with comprehensive support: from individual components to pcb power distribution units to individual intelligent power distribution units.

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WLAN modules & miunske app

Wireless control via app is already an integrated part of everyday life. So why not make it easier to diagnose and monitor the vehicle electronics of commercial and special vehicles and provide wireless access to the CAN bus? The WLAN interface considerably simplifies time-critical commissioning and testing processes, as it enables wireless connection to the vehicle bus in order to record all CAN bus data or modify them. Service and function checks, such as tests before vehicle release, can carried out much faster and with only one person. A further advantage: More functions can be integrated into the commercial vehicle. This is because additional functions can now handle conveniently via app - so you do not require an additional switch surface in the cockpit.

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multi functional relay

In this livestream we present our multi functional relay (MFR). With over 1 million programmable function variants, it is probably one of the most flexible products in our range. The integrated controller allows the combination of two inputs with six logic functions of different signal forms (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, NXOR). The desired functionality of the MFR can easily be realized via the online configurator, available on the miunske homepage, or offline with a programming kit. The MFR offers many advantages. The two most important ones are the extremely fast availability of an individualized special relay and the high economic efficiency: Turn 3 into 1! One MFR can replace up to three simple relays.

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control panel 2020

Especially under extreme environmental conditions (noise, dirt, variable light conditions and vibrations) the new operating panel from miunske shows its strengths. This particularly compact control panel can be adapted to the individual requirements of your commercial vehicle. The modular system can be adapted according to the requirement profile by choosing different hardware elements such as: control panels, bargraph, OLED or colour display (TFT) and encoder. The modular variety results in significantly more possibilities of function and control combinations. The mapping of additional functionalities by using the display in conjunction with the high contrast OLED technology and the enhanced haptics of the keys lead to a significant increase in operating safety.

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