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miunske donate a ray of hope

With a donation to `Stiftung Lichtblick`, miunske GmbH supports people from East Saxony this year, who have fallen into adversity in need. Whether socially weak families, victims of accidents or violence, the disabled, the homeless, mentally or chronically ill, adolescents, children, single parents or old people. The donation helps those affected through targeted financial support from various institutions and partners of Stiftung Lichtblick. If you are also interested in the stories of those affected and want to help, do it like us. Donate! Information are available here:

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miunske sustain the run `Lauf mit Herz` 2018

Also in this year miunske sponsored the competition `Lauf mit Herz` that startet at 24th September 2018. In this year approximately 2000 runner came to the `Müllerwiese` in Bautzen. The pupils of the 5th to the 13th class level have nearly reached the 13.000 rounds and collected proudly 25.600€.  This money will benefit the `AWO Kreisverband Bautzen e.V.` that will finance the social work and different activities for families and young peoples with this money.

classic car friends visit miunske

Oldtimertreffen bei miunske

From the 14th to the 16th September the 15th meeting of the classic car friends took place in Sohland. Approximately 400 vehicles were expected. The main focus of the classic car friends lay on commercial vehicles, so mostly the interested parties could marvel at aged busses, trucks, tractors, fire engines and various automobiles and motorcycles.

The club organized various events on this days to offer an eventful time for all. One of the main highlights was the stop at miunske –the supplier for commercial vehicle electronics. Here the classic car friends informed semselves about current vehicle electrics- and electronics and asked for contacts and sources for the supply of parts that are rare or not easily to find.

On Saturday the 15th September 2018 we welcomed about 200 guests with 60 vintage cars at miunske. After a short presentation of the history employees of miunske started guided tours through the logistics center and the production. After that the participants had a soup out of the field kitchen for lunch. Where it is better to talk about experiences with and about classic cars when not in this atmosphere, with like-minded peoples? Summarized it was a successful and interesting exchange about the theme cars and vehicles in Großpostwitz.

miunske reaches the next level of AEO certification – for more safety in the supply chain



Since the 18th July 2018 we are re- an new certificated as AEO. As owner of the AEO-F status we fulfill the requirements of the AEO-C and AEO-standard. In addition to comprehensive knowledge of customs regulations and the their complience we fulfill security related conditions of logistics and administrative processes. The advantages of the AEO-F certification make it possible to send your goods terminated and coordinated that you are able to use them on the right time in the right place.


miunske GmbH sponsored darts club

After 8 years the time has come - the darts sport is back in town. Now the darts club is able to train in Großpostwitz. The return of the home ground became possible because of the sponsoring of powerful partners of the region like the miunske GmbH that has always been a sponsor of the regional sportsclubs. So the new venue in the `Spreetalstadion` could be established and will be used for perspective league matches. We wish a precision landing to all darts player.

miunske team participated in Neiße Adventure Race

There were different types of racing-trails for everyone: from low level for armchair athletes to extreme level for extreme sportsman. The race included disciplines similar to a triathlon: running, cycling and a modified form of swimming. Depending on the level of difficulty the participants ran or rode by bike across the venue and had to pass an obstacle course through the ‘Kulturinsel Einsiedel’ to the ‘Neiße’. Here the teams absolve a dinghy race. At the end of all racing stages and the aim in focus, everyone absolved a race on gigantic ski. In this year 4 miunske teams started to win this race. Whether management or employees of different work areas- the teams were mixed and the team spirit was inter-divisional. This was also shown in the placement results: the miunske teams finished at the 4th, 5th and the 10th and 14th place at the light trail of this adventure. Congratulations! 

miunske reaches the ‘Jury‘ level at ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes‘

This year miunske is applying for the contest of ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ of the Oscar Patzelt foundation. The miunske GmbH already got honored in 2012 and as ‘Premier-Finalist’ in 2016. In 2018 it is possible to reach the next stage of this award – the ‘Premier’. The participating companies have been evaluated on the following nomination criteria:

  • -overall growth of the company;
  • -the creation and/or safeguarding of jobs;
  • -modernisation and innovation;
  • -proximity to customers and marketing;
  • and finally commitment to the local region.

Already the default of only one nomination criterion results in exclusion from the competition. Currently miunske reached two of finally three stages of this competition - the ‘Jury’ stage.

On 27th October 2018 the prize ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ will be awarded at the ‘Maritim Hotel Berlin’. Renowned personalities from the world of politics, business and media will be present. At this event the three most prominent companies of the year 2018 will be honored with the ‘Ehrenplakette’.

3rd miunske Health Day

For the third time the miunske GmbH organized a week filled with information and activities on fitness and health. In this year the activities ranged from a first aid refresher course to general body analysis, eye tests and measurements of the bone quality. Interesting facts about nutrition were conveyed in the context of an extensive lecture. After that every participant was invited to taste healthy spreads as well as finger food. Of course intensive exercise units -the circuit training- did not come to short. Thanks to the varied offer and the commitment of the participating partners, miunske employees were once again able to experience that it is fun to become active for their own health.

miunske got honored with the label `Wirtschaftsmagnet` 2018


With congratulations and the words "You have done a great job and achieved a dream grade!" Christian Kalkbrenner, managing director of the Wirtschaftsmagnet GmbH, sent the news of the positive results of the audit to reach the label `Wirtschaftsmagnet` to miunske.

The following categories were considered:

  • business economics/ performance
  • attractiveness as employer
  • brand-market-marketing
  • flexibility and organisation
  • innovation power
  • social responsibility
  • company growth

The miunske GmbH passed the qualification for the label `Wirtschaftsmagnet` straightaway and has an impressively good performance. So the company is one of the strongest in Germany.

miunske received patent on sensor unit

On the faculty mechanical engineering of the TU Dresden the institute for agricultural system technologies started a project to analyze process parameters that have lasting effects on the grain loss of the crop.

Main issue of the project was to analyze the separation process of the grain by sensor technology. On the basis of the knowledge acquired therefrom optimized settings of the sieves and the blowers should derive.

Miunske supported this project as innovation partner and developed in cooperation with the TU Dresden a sensor unit bases on light transmission and hot film sensors.

Tests with the developed sensor unit showed a significantly better quality of the test results while the separation process. The solution, for that the miunske GmbH received a patent, is the base on improve automation solutions that contribute in a higher effectivity of harvesters.  

The cooperation project was presented of the TU Dresden at Agritechnica 2017 in Hannover and attracted on a great deal of interests by manufacturers of agricultural machines.