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winter traffic light system for fresh air

fresh air with miunske

Rarely we have talked so often about hygienic rules and measures for infection control as in this year. This is good and the right way because not everyone is aware of the importance of fresh air for the organism or knows how important outdoor activities are and what each individual can do to ensure a good living and working environment at home or in the office. Sometimes it is only a little food for thought that encourage us to think about our health and well-being. miunske® not only thinks about the health of its own employees. This year, we are also thinking about the health of our business partners and customers. So that fresh ideas would developed in the future, we help to keep a clear head. For more vitalizing fresh air in the office our partners received a very special "tree decoration" in form of a snowman in the pre –Christmas period. With the help of the little winter friend, designed and manufactured by miunske®, partners are informed about the air quality in the room by a traffic light system and encouraged to air the room. A contribution from miunske® to a reduced infection risk and more health in the company. Stay healthy!

Stay healthy and vital with miunske, now more than ever!

health day at miunske

Now is the right time for a health day! Therefore, also this year the management invited their employees to the health day in the meeting point "m". Taking into account the currently difficult interpersonal interactions, employees and partners created a health day with a lot of commitment. A sign for better health, for a strong immune system, for social solidarity and the conviction to master challenges. In cooperation with the AOK, the AWO and the Dresden Sports Center, employees were offered various opportunities to taste, listen, inspire and move. In addition to lectures on the subject of “Information for Smokers" and "Information on Healthy Nutrition & Nutritional Myths", our employees were able to took part at a workout to master physical challenges. Sore muscles were given as a gift. The eye test by Fielmann and the BIA measurement, which provided our employees with information on their body composition using analytical scales, were also well received. The metabolic age determined from the BIA- values gave us one or two reasons to be happy. The health day reminding on summer holidays was concluded at the evening with pasta and antipasti in Italian style surrounded by many face- to-face talks about the different highlights and open themes of the last weeks.

miunske launches new video blog series "miunske TECH TALK".

TECH TALK by miunske

Our incentive is to make vehicle manufacturers successful with our products. However, this is only achievable if we can transfer important information directly to the customer or demonstrate products, such as at trade fairs or during on-site meetings. This year a large number of live meetings couldn`t take place due to the Corona pandemic. However, direct contact with our customers is essential for us. For this reason miunske started its own video blog, the "miunske TECH TALK". It informs you about product news and developments in the miunske portfolio. Special feature: the integrated live chat offers the possibility to answer directly your questions about the topic/product.

Would you like to be kept up to date on innovative electronics solutions for commercial and special vehicles in the future? Then our new video blog series "miunske TECH TALK" is just right for you. Subscribe to m+ productinfo now and discover exciting new products and technical solutions that will make your everyday work as a vehicle developer easier!

For all those who can´t be there live, we provide the recordings on our homepage and our YouTube channel. In this way you can inform yourself where you want and when you want. TECH TALK

Validation of 48V components in own high-current laboratory

high-current test laboratory at miunske

To ensure that electronic components with safety functions work properly in all situations it needs extensive tests and trials. For validation our 48 V components miunske® invetsed in a high-current laboratory that makes it possible to test the hardware for the corresponding power range. Developers can simulate very specific interferences in low-voltage networks to test the safety and critical loads. The specimens are tested under thermal and mechanical stress to determine their load capacity under the nominal and short-circuit current. The systems enable testing with direct current, simulating electrical loads of up to 20 kW.


miunske® reaches the ‘Jury‘ level at ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes‘

miunske® reaches jury stage

Again this year miunske® applies for the contest of ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ of the Oscar Patzelt foundation. In 2020 it is possible to reach the next stage of this award – the ‘Premier’. The participating companies have been evaluated on the following nomination criteria:

  • -overall growth of the company;
  • -the creation and/or safeguarding of jobs;
  • -modernisation and innovation;
  • -proximity to customers and marketing;
  • and finally commitment to the local region.

Already the default of only one nomination criterion results in exclusion from the competition. Currently miunske® reached the jury stage of the competition and eagerly awaits the festive awarding of the 'Großer Preis des Mittelstandes`.

Delivery capability has top priority

storage of miunske

Extensive storage capacities for the stocking of products have always been part of miunske’s service portfolio. That allows us even in these challenging times to minimize the lead time of different products and react flexible on customer requests. More than ever the current situation demands our purchase department to avoid delivery bottlenecks by targeted order management, to guarantee uninterrupted supply chains and to build up safety stocks. At the moment we are working intensively at the stock adjustment of MTA products and are doing everything to ensure an ideal equipment of these products to meet your needs. So that you can expect a delivery in time as usually.

We are here for you!

we are here for you

We meet the challenge and provide you a customized service package even in these dynamic times. Our employees do their best to keep products in stock in the usual way and to deliver them on time. Use the known contact channels for consulting and services, as well as project meetings. Unfortunately our technical sale is not active at the field. We are available via telephone, email and by team viewer. You are welcome to use our online catalogue with the option to make inquiries around the clock, or send us your request to We will answer promptly. The welfare of our employees and our customers during and after this time is close to our heart. Stay healthy and face these challenges together with us. Together we will always find a solution. Stay connected with us!

miunske® invests

miunske invests in new SMT

miunske® invests 1.4 million € among other things in new SMT

With the increased production facilities by a fully automatic PCB production the miunske GmbH will be able to offer its customers more flexibility, more possibilities of individual design variants and faster delivery. Because of the Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) PCBs can be equipped more tightly and double sided. This allows the cost-optimized production of compact components. Above all, miunske GmbH can now manufacture prototypes and small series of PCBs for commercial vehicles much faster and more cost-effectively. The investment is support within the framework of the common task "optimization of the regional economic structure".

Bear a blessing, being a blessing. Peace!

the carol singers 2020

They bring a glad tidings-the carolers. They told us of the important things, of the fundamental values that we enjoy in Europe, those that are barred to other people. They told us from peace. How we have become accustomed to it. How much we wish for its existence and with what concern we look at other countries in which conflicts and armed conflicts have been going on for years or have flared up anew. Together with the carol singers we reflected on other people who have little hope for a life in peace and support them. Under the claim “Carol singers are ambassadors of peace” the company´s houses were blessed with the messages of peace. Let us be peaceful. Whether towards family members or our colleagues, our neighboring countries or towards unknown things. What is it called: who sows peace will reap peace.


More information about this year's carol singing campaign is available on the homepage

Foundation of the miunske solution GmbH

miunske solution GmbH

Tangible Innovation – the right solution, at the right time, at the right place. With the foundation of the miunske solution GmbH the company takes a further step towards the future and focusses its competences in engineering and design. The aim is to advance effectively innovative topics e.g. the electrification of the powertrain. The range of services includes hard- and software engineering of electronical vehicle components for commercial vehicles and mobile working machines, construction and prototyping as well as project management and support during and after implementing and commissioning.

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