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carollers visited miunske

Traditionally, as every year, the carollers - children of the parish Großpostwitz visited our house and brought the blessing: "Christ mansionem benedicat. That means: Christ bless this house, also in the year 2018 ". They collected donations to support an educational project that aims to minimize child labor in India and offer alternative employment opportunities. The Epiphany singing is the largest solidarity action of children for children worldwide and wants to draw attention to the needs of other people. The blessing of the buildings and the participation in the fundraising campaign is an integral part at the beginning of the year for miunske.

miunske sustain the run ‚Lauf mit Herz‘

Every lap counted. For that reason grammar school pupils and vocational school students from Bautzen, Bischofswerda and Wilthen gave everything to finish the 550 long running track as often as possible. In the run-up to the friendly rivalry the teams searched for sponsors which rewarding every round monetarily. Miunske sponsored even three teams because it was for a good cause.

The total proceed with an amount of 26.000 € is intended for the Regenbogen Verein Bischofswerda. This association is very active in promotion of child- and youth work and integration of migrants. In summary 13.636 laps were run.

miunske guarantees good arriving

For us it is not only important that our products will arrive in the desired quality at the right time to the right place... as employer we also guarantee that our employees will come to work or to our customers healthy. To support this a driver safety training took place on 09. September 2017 in good atmosphere. Whether starting up braking or swerving around objects on wet roads, learning to keep the car on track if the rear end will skid or while repeating the rules for safe behavior on the road – we had pure driving pleasure coupled with high benefit for everyone.  

We wish a safe journey all the time!

New football shirts for the team of SV Lautitz 96 e.V. of Löbau

Once the week the football team of the SV Lautitz 96 e.V. train hard to win the next football match. In this football season the team plays at the ‘Rohrnetz-Beil-Kreisliga’ in the second relay. Special is, that the team is leading by Luna Böhme –a girl. The boys consider that this is no problem. Unfortunately official football shirts were missing  until now. But this has an end today because the miunske GmbH sponsored new team shirts. Therefore, the small footballers will play their next football match also optically as a team. Miunske cross one´s fingers for the next match and is glad because of the dedicated work at the youth sports. 

2nd miunske Health Day

The daily work in the company pose a challenge for every employee. Also in this year the miunske GmbH took its responsibility and organized a Health Day in which the body and the senses of the employees were in focus. The information and activities ranged from concentration exercises combined with movement units for stretching the muscles to check-ups, a screening of the back and tests of the hearing ability. Of course, there were also lectures about healthy nutrition. At the end of the courses everybody could convinced of the positive effects of tasty smoothies. Because of the diversely program and the engagement of all partners the employees were able to get advice and tips to keep or to find the personal balance.

miunske reaches the ‘Jury‘ level at Großer Preis des Mittelstandes‘

This year miunske is applying for the contest of ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ of the Oscar Patzelt foundation. The miunske GmbH already got honored in 2012 and as ‘Premier-Finalist’ in 2016. In 2017 it is possible to reach the next stage of this award – the ‘Premier’. The participating companies have been evaluated on the following nomination criteria:

  • -overall growth of the company;
  • -the creation and/or safeguarding of jobs;
  • -modernisation and innovation;
  • -proximity to customers and marketing;
  • and finally commitment to the local region.

Already the default of only one nomination criterion results in exclusion from the competition. Currently miunske reached two of finally three stages of this competition. Mr. Hans-Ullrich Hinner handed out the certification of reaching the ‘Jury’ stage to Mr. Johannes Miunske (retired Managing Director) and Mrs Jana Kirstein (Manager Human Resources).

On 28th October 2017 the prize ‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’ will be awarded at the ‘Maritim Hotel Berlin’. Renowned personalities from the world of politics, business and media will be present. At this event the three most prominent companies of the year 2017 will be honored with the ‘Ehrenplakette’.

miunske team participated in Neiße Adventure Race

There were different types of racing-trails for everyone: from low level for armchair athletes to extreme level for extreme sportsman. The race included disciplines similar to a triathlon: running, cycling and a modified form of swimming. Depending on the level of difficulty the participants ran or rode by bike across the venue and had to pass an obstacle course through the ‘Kulturinsel Einsiedel’ to the ‘Neiße’. Here the teams absolve a dinghy race. At the end of all racing stages and the aim in focus, everyone absolved a race on gigantic ski. Among 77 teams at all also 3 miunske teams started to win this race. Whether management or employees of different work areas- the teams were mixed and the team spirit was inter-divisional. This was also shown in the placement results: the ‘CANdies’ won the “silver medal” of all woman´s teams, our men´s team the ‘Landmaschinen’ finished on the 9th place and our mixed team the ‘Maschinen’ on the 7th place at the light trail of this adventure. Congratulations! 

miunske GmbH got honored with the label 'Wirtschaftsmagnet'

On Friday, April the 21st the label ‘Wirtschaftsmagnet’ was awarded to seven companies in the hall of the Hotel H4 in Leipzig. Only very strong companies that could verify main company features like holistic and successful company management in seven different categories such as business performance, innovation power and social responsibility were honored with this label. „‘Wirtschaftsmagneten’ achieve a sense of attraction because they think and act in stakeholder values," explained Christian Kalkbrenner, managing director of the Wirtschaftsmagnet GmbH, at the beginning of the laudatio for the winners. After his speech he handed out the "Magnus" award to Katrin Miunske, managing director of the miunske GmbH. A representative symbol for company strength, innovative action and holistic management- a symbol of miunske´s company values, a symbol that says more than thousand words.

(photo: Johannes Wosilat)

summer music at miunske

summer music at miunske

An annual tradition of Kreismusikschule Bautzen is the presentation of a final concert. This year, the guests of the harmonious sounds could join the "Summer Music 2016" in the "meeting point m" at Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske. With a successful concert under the direction of Ms. Pötschke music students from Bautzen and Wilthen presented their skills to the delight of numerous guests. Many dedicated parents, helpers and the Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske contributed to the success of this event.

Delegation aus Indonesien zu Besuch

Delegation from Indonesia visits the Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske GmbH

On 30.05.2016 a delegation from Indonesia visited as part of a fact-finding mission on the subject of implementation of corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) the Fahrzeugtechnik Miunske GmbH.

The implementation of corporate social responsibility in Indonesia is not regulated to date and in need of optimization. In order to approach world standards, but to also contribute to the needs and priorities of the regional company statement, the Indonesian government is planning a draft law which clearly defines the CSR for 2017th With the intention of the law and the implementation of existing laws to get to know, to analyze and to take as a model, the Indonesian Parliament delegation to France, Canada and also sent to Germany.

As a company with CSR - strategy * Managing received Katrin M. Miunske the delegation and stated clearly in the work environment, such as social responsibility to employees and the social environment is understood and implemented in your company.

With great interest, the delegation members questioned the proposed measures and financing aspects and asked for information which help to strengthen the implementation of such measures. The guests obtained visual impressions of the working conditions in renovated and equipped office spaces, the social building "meeting point m" and in the production and logistics. Miunske is pleased to contribute to the drafting of a bill in Indonesia - also a piece of social responsibility.

* Corporate strategy with a working environment that is characterized by high productivity, the protection of workers, the resources, the environment and adapted to the social conditions of society.