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Bear a blessing, beeing a blessing. Peace!

the carol singers 2020

They bring a glad tidings-the carolers. They told us of the important things, of the fundamental values that we enjoy in Europe, those that are barred to other people. They told us from peace. How we have become accustomed to it. How much we wish for its existence and with what concern we look at other countries in which conflicts and armed conflicts have been going on for years or have flared up anew. Together with the carol singers we reflected on other people who have little hope for a life in peace and support them. Under the claim “Carol singers are ambassadors of peace” the company´s houses were blessed with the messages of peace. Let us be peaceful. Whether towards family members or our colleagues, our neighboring countries or towards unknown things. What is it called: who sows peace will reap peace.


More information about this year's carol singing campaign is available on the homepage

Running for a good cause

Lauf mit Herz 2019

For the 15th time pupils of the grammar schools of Bautzen took part in the "Lauf mit Herz" to collect money for a good cause. Miunske was also sponsor in this year and motivated the children. Because the more rounds were run the more the money the own school can use for projects like addiction prevention.

This is how a working day can end - Dresden night run

Miunske employees set higher standards. Sport makes you productive and reduces stress. So, why not walk 13.8 km along the banks of the Elbe in Dresden? A breathtaking backdrop. Ideal for running in community! According to the reports of our employees, the run was not only fun but also gave one or the other the necessary balance to the working day or the necessary sport exercise for larger running projects. Our employee conclusion: let us repeat this and it is simply recommendable for running enthusiasts, ... apart from some minor injuries!

DAK company run Bautzen 26.06.2019

miunske @ Bautzener Stadtlauf 2019

It felt like 40 degrees and yet ... miunske started together with ca. 1200 participants. At this year's DAK Company Run in Bautzen, miunske employees from a wide variety of conditional backgrounds started with one will: We will arrive! 4.1 km should be possible. Thanks to the support of the audience, numerous refreshments in the form of drinks and bubbling garden hoses, nobody was left behind, so that the participating runners could refresh themselves with a cold drink and refuel the lost energy reserves after the run. Maybe a running community will establish itself at miunske.

miunske Health Days 04.-05.06.2019

health day 2019

What can be done to make employees aware that a healthy lifestyle is of immense importance for the current work situation and the future physical performance of the employee, but also for the company? Quite simply. We make health promotion a tangible experience. This year's Health Days at miunske were packed with health checks, short lectures, nutrition tips and workouts to get everyone's musculoskeletal system going. In addition to external providers, such as the physiotherapist Schier from Wilthen, employees themselves offered table tennis and badminton. For a work-life balance and successful stress prevention. Because, what is more important than health?

Neiße Adventure Race 2019 - miunske at start again

miunske @ NAR 2019

Fun, challenge and team spirit moved miunske employees to participate in the Neiße Adventure Race again this year. Without losses but with enormous experience gain all participants reached the goal after successfully passed racing stages. Beside running distances and some bicycle kilometers the participants put back several kilometers in the rubber dinghy on the Neiße, in order to dedicate themselves to the obstacle course at the end of the running. Will there also be courageous participants next year who will face the original trail? We can be curious!

More safety when driving

training for more driving experience 2019

With company- or private car - on Saturday, 06th April 2019 employees of miunske GmbH took part in a driving safety training at the CAR-Pro driving safety centre in Görlitz. Whether beginner or repeat offender, there was a suitable course content for everyone.

Level 1 of the training provided the basics for safe driving. These included topics such as: the correct seating position, the safest steering technology, braking in dangerous situations, avoiding obstacles and "intercepting" an unstable vehicle at the rear.

Experienced employees who had already completed Level 1 of the seminar devoted themselves to Level 2 and practiced the handling of the vehicle in dangerous situations at increased speed and increased difficulty. Driving fun with learning effect! Whether on the way to work or to the customer.

We have it - the PLUS of experience!

For us, Christmas is to think to the needs of others

image source: miunske GmbH

The choice of possibilities to do good things is immense especially during the Christmas season.  For us we put it on the point. We think donation means to share joy and support the needy.  This also applies to our natural environment that decisively shapes us. It has unimaginable influence on our state of mind and our work and life performance. That is why it is important to preserve our environment and protect it actively. What is more appropriate than to ask our birdlife to table? The bird feeder house, a Christmas greeting from miunske to our customers, not only supports the protection of species, but also pursues a good cause. Because we donate a contribution to the Heinz-Sielmann Foundation with every "pantry" given to our customers. Just unpack – fold – hang up and join the visitors. From miunske for our customers - so that the world of tomorrow is the one world we wish.

miunske donate a ray of hope

With a donation to `Stiftung Lichtblick`, miunske GmbH supports people from East Saxony this year, who have fallen into adversity in need. Whether socially weak families, victims of accidents or violence, the disabled, the homeless, mentally or chronically ill, adolescents, children, single parents or old people. The donation helps those affected through targeted financial support from various institutions and partners of Stiftung Lichtblick. If you are also interested in the stories of those affected and want to help, do it like us. Donate! Information are available here:

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miunske trainee got honored with youth innovation award `Innovativster Azubi 2018`

image source:

Toni Bürger is IT Specialist for application development in 3rd year of apprenticeship at miunske GmbH. Here he created a Software for graphical program development. Because of the simplification of the development process with mLogic  customers are able to create individual systems without beeing depend on external service partners. That leads to increasing the flexibility of our customers and the priority of CAN Communikation Products. Furthermore the development department will relieve because of mLogic by miunske. So human resources for developing new and innovative products will be won.
At the festive event of the `Technologieförderverein Bautzen` on 07th  Dezember 2018 Toni Bürger got honored with the award `Innovativster Azubi 2018`

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