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CAN I/O-Modul 1G6, 9-36V, 12 x Input (pull-up), 12 x Power Output (6 x high-side, 6 x low-side), with plastic cover screwed

Article: N6-3006-0012

Technische Daten

operating voltage 9...36 V
standby current 38mA/12V
CAN 2.0 A/B (ISO 11898)
connections 2 x 16 male multipoint connector
switching inputs 12 x pull-up: 8 x analog/digital, 4 x digital
switching outputs 6 x 5A high-side, 6 x 5A low-side
assembling 4 x Befestigungslasche, Hutschienenmontage
bracket optional
protection class IP 54
housing material plastic
weight 180 g
EMV E1 10 R - 046735
note parameterizable standard finctions by Toolchain, optional free programmable (API), additonal fuseholders and relay sockets can be plugged
measuring range 0-36V (other range optional)
CANbus protocol ISO11898
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