Can Keypad 2G12

Article: N6-2001-0000

- CAN Keypad with 12 individual assignable fields
- fields can defined as switches or indicator
- RGB-LED’s for free color selection
- dimming via integrated light sensor or CAN-Message
- customer specific front foil via laser- and / or printing process
- graphic design und parameterization with PC Software
- resistance of printing to detergents and desinfectants

- additional vertical or horizontal bar graph display elements
- Interface for up to two encoders with push-function
- customizable frame design (various metal design options
- doming for haptic feedback
- optional lateral plug

Technische Daten

connections mikro mate-n-lock 3mm, 6-pole
operating voltage 9...36 V
CAN 2.0 A/B (ISO 11898)
EMV E1 10 R - 057994
housing material ABS
assembling lateral snap-in nose, optional screwed with metal bracket at the back side
standby current 2mA/12V
switching inputs 2pull-down
CANbus protocol ISO11898

registration sheet to configurate your CAN keypad

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